Perth-Albany-Perth for Peninsula Road Safety

Pedalling 1200kms for road safety!

Safety affects every person that uses a road. The White Bike Foundation was set up in memory of Joel Hawkins to address road safety for all via school and community education. As a daily commuter and a father of cycling teenagers on the Mornington Peninsula, I have a keen interest in promoting the cause.

On 1-4 October, three good mates: Hayden Fenn, Scott Lovegreen, Rhys Buzza and I will ride the 1200km Audax Perth-Albany-Perth event. The requirement is to complete the 1200km journey within 90 hours. This journey is a major step towards our ultimate goal of riding the 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris in August 2019.

We’re partnering with The White Bike Foundation and will use the Perth-Albany-Perth journey to promote and raise funds for The White Bike Foundation. 100% of the proceeds go into the Foundation’s education programs, helping to educate and protect school kids in Australia. This is the start of a generational shift in patience and mindfulness on the road – so that we all reach our destination safely.

Please sacrifice your next coffee or beer to help us reach our goals and improve the future of road safety for all.

Thanks heaps for your support and don’t forget to #think2

Gregory Pratt

Far left: Rhys Buzza and Hayden Fenn with pupils from 12 different Peninsula schools, White Bike Foundation founder, Chris Savage (centre), Scott Lovegreen and Gregory Pratt (far right)

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